To root and grow a pineapple from another pineapple is very easy, and it can be done in any part of the world, any climate, or agricultural region. All you need to do is to pick up a fresh pineapple from the grocery store, and you will have a healthy pineapple tree in few weeks. Growing a pineapple in a pot requires very low maintenance, as well as very little water. These are some simple steps that you can follow and you will have a pineapple tree in a short time:

  1. Pick up a fresh pineapple next time you go grocery shopping.
  2. Cut the pineapple in two pieces, about an inch below the leaves.
  3. Cut the edges with a knife, to expose the roots,and stems.
  4. Cut the first rows of leaves, leaving a little bit more exposure of the stems.
  5. Place in a glass container with fresh water, to grow roots. Be sure the pineapple crown is completely soaked.
  6. Place the glass jar in a sunny spot, and water often.
  7. Once it has enough roots, plan it in a pot with soil, and water. Pineapple does not require too much water, and normally the water is absorbed through the leaves.