Pine cones can make beautiful decorations, they are free and easy to find, as long as you live in a area where pines can be found. Pine cones are cute, and they make all kinds of shapes, figures, and they are great decorations for the holidays.

In spite of their hard to reach petals, pine cones are easy to paint; the most common techniques are spray paint and paint dipped. You can also use a brush to give them an artistic touch, if you don’t want them completely covered.

This can be done in four easy steps:

  1. Prepare the pine cone, cleaning all debris and dust with a dry brush, it can also be washed in running water.
  2. Paint the petals with a brush, submerge the whole pine cone into a bucket of paint (if you use this technique, be sure to tie the pine cone with a piece of string, shake all excess paint, and hang it to dry), or spray paint the pine cone all around if you choose this technique.
  3. Let it dry and apply another coat of paint if necessary.
  4. Let it dry overnight.

Optional step: Decorate. Some people use glitter, or a second color on petals tips, etc.

After all your pine cones are painted and look the way you want them, place them in a basket for decoration, or use them to make wreaths.