Raising chickens is no longer an exclusive activity of farmers or country folks, in later times, there is a trend to raise chickens in urban farms, city backyards, or even small spaces. Why had this activity became so popular? There must be something there…

There are many reasons and benefits of raising your own chickens, and here are some of the reasons I can think about why I do raise my own chickens:

Great pets. Chickens are very mellow and child friendly, they are non-aggressive animals, great providers, and playful creatures.

Easy and inexpensive. Chickens do not require large spaces to live. They are also very easy and inexpensive to keep, their maintenance requirements is very low, and they even pay for their own food if you sell their meat and eggs.

Sustainable way of life. Raising chickens can be a good way to modify your life style towards a more healthy , back-to-basics and independent way of life. It creates a connection with your neighborhood and community, emphasizes support to local products. Raising chickens create a more environmental conscious individuals.

Great food source. They provide unlimited food supply, their meat and eggs are full in nutrients and low in fat, organic chickens are a very viable option for the healthy conscious. Studies show that fresh eggs are Fresh eggs are lower in cholesterol and saturated fat, as well as higher in omega-3s, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, D, and E. Also, raising chickens allows you to have total control in the meat quality, by selecting the products to feed your chickens.

Good for the garden. Free range chickens are beneficial for your lawn and garden, they eat worms, insects, snails, and other garden pests; they eat fallen fruit before they attract insects; they also eat unwanted weeds and fertilize the soil (chicken manure makes a great compost).

Therapeutic. Studies show that raising chickens improves some medical conditions in children and adults, such autism, dementia, and other psychiatric disorders. Watching chicken behavior is very relaxing, it lowers your blood pressure, it is entertaining, and a huge source of education; they are funny and cute.

Positive values. Teaching your children to care for chickens, as in any other pet, allow them to create positive values, such caring, sharing, and gratitude.