Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…  ~Muhammad Ali

Most of the butterfly boxes have a long and narrow slat, as well as an opening on the back for easy cleaning. They can be made from wood and painted, or purchased in craft stores. They make great craft projects or birthday presents for children. Normally they are painted in bright and multiple colors, to attract the butterflies inside the box. Butterfly houses also make great decorations for your patio or lawn, and an attractive feature for your home garden.

Unlike birds, butterflies do not use their houses to nest, but for hibernation purposes. Butterfly houses or boxes should be placed approximately 4-6 feet from the ground. They can be placed in poles or hanging from trees, preferably in wooded or shaded area, to avoid exposure to elements, and provide the butterflies with a cozy and safe environment during winter season. They also need sun light, but not to be exposed to the heat.

They should also be placed in areas with plenty of plants and flowers, preferably wild and native flowers, in that way, they will have plenty of nectar around. Butterfly houses should be placed in areas where there is not a lot of wind blowing or predators. If you can, place a  butterfly feeder nearby. It is also a good idea to place leaves or flowers inside, to attract butterflies to the box.

Avoid placing fruit inside the butterfly box, because this attracts an array of insects, such spiders, ants and roaches. Remember, as humans or any other animal, butterflies need to stay warm and quiet during the winter season. At the beginning, the butterflies won’t come inside the house, just give them a little time to get used to their house.